Big Spring Trip INFO

·      Our Sleepover has been confirmed for May 4-5, 2013 at Lowry Park Zoo

  ·     The sleepover begins promptly at 6:45 p.m on Saturday. Please plan to arrive on time at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Florida.  If you are late, please call (813) 935-8552.  Please eat dinner before arrival.

·         On Sunday, our Pack will receive an early morning tour led by our instructor(s) from 8:00 a.m. –9:30 a.m.  The Zoo opens at 9:30 a.m. and at that time our Pack will be able to tour the Zoo on our own.


Dear Group Leaders,


 Turn off North Boulevard on to Clinton Street. This is a small street located on the left past the Zoo’s main parking lot and the Zoo School if you are coming from the south.  If you are coming from the north, it is located on the right before the Zoo School, after Kid City.

 You will need to inform the guard at the gate that you are attending a sleepover, and he or she will direct you where to park. Please note, due to employee traffic, parking will not be available until after 6:30pm. If you arrive early, please wait in the Zoo’s main lot until 6:30pm.

 While we will make every effort to insure all cars are parked and locked within Zoo grounds, we cannot guarantee this during very busy nights as parking is limited.  It is advised that you carpool to ease congestion.  Cars parked outside the gate will be monitored both by Zoo security and the Tampa’s Parks Department throughout the night; however, the Zoo cannot be held liable if any damage does occur.

 Once you have parked, please collect the items you will need for the evening and meet your instructor at the gate closest to the security guard house that leads to the Zoo School.

 Because you have paid for the next day visit, you will need to move your car to the main parking lot at 8:00am.  You will then meet your instructor at the front gate of the Zoo for your morning tour. 


Preparing for your Sleepover

Dear Camper and Parent,

Thank you for participating in a sleepover at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo.  The following information will help you prepare for your sleepover at the Zoo.

What to do and where to park when you arrive

·         The program begins promptly at 6:45 p.m.  Please do not be late or you may be locked out of the Zoo.  If you are late, please call (813) 935-8552.

·         Parking instructions are listed above.

 What to expect on your Sleepover

·         Activities may include a night hike, a behind the scenes tour, an animal encounter, and a theme specific craft or activity if time allows. 

·         Please wear season appropriate attire and comfortable, closed-toe shoes.

·         Lights out will be approximately 11:30 p.m. (time subject to change based on length of activities)

·         Wake-up call will be approximately 6:00 a.m. There are bathroom facilities, but NO showers.

·         No one is to enter or exit the Zoo during the program, unless there is an emergency.


·         An evening snack of pizza and a beverage is served at approximately 8:30 p.m. Please eat dinner before arriving.

·         A light breakfast consisting of a muffin, yogurt, fruit, orange juice, water and coffee is provided.  Coffee is for chaperones only. 

·         Feel free to bring additional drinks, snacks and breakfast.  Refrigerators are not available for storage. Coolers are allowed but cannot be taken into the Zoo (when participating in the Next Day Visit).


·         Participants sleep in the Lecture Hall.  Your instructor(s) will sleep in a nearby building.  An air mattress or cot is recommended along with season appropriate clothing (Make sure those who have mattresses/cots do not block the view of other participants without the mattresses/cots).  The Lecture Hall is equipped with central heat and air.

·         There are bathroom facilities located just outside of the Lecture Hall.  Bathroom facilities do NOT have showers.

 Items participants need to bring

·         Sleeping bag/pillow, blow up mattress/cot, toothbrush, tooth paste, and a change of clothes.

·         Rain gear (depending on the weather) – Umbrellas are not recommended.

·         Insect repellant – A non-aerosol spray is recommended.

·         Flashlight

 Guidelines for Sleepover Chaperones

 Dear Chaperone:

 Thank you for acting as a chaperone during your group's sleepover.  Please review the following guidelines.  You will be held responsible for knowing and following these guidelines.  The success of your group's sleepover depends upon your cooperation with your instructor(s).

 ·               Chaperones must be a minimum of 18 years old.

 ·               Chaperones must accompany children throughout the entire program.  Under no circumstances should any child be unaccompanied.

 ·               Chaperones are expected to assist instructor(s) during set up and cleanup of craft activity, snack and breakfast.  A final morning check of the restrooms would be greatly appreciated.

 ·               Chaperones will need to bring a flashlight.  (Please make sure batteries are working.)   

 ·               After lights out children must be accompanied by a chaperone to the restroom. (A flashlight will be needed.)

 ·               The group must remain together at all times. All participants (children and chaperones) must go on the night hike.  No one may remain in the building during this activity, or any other scheduled activity.

 ·               Chaperones should ensure that everyone (children and chaperones) follow instructions of the instructor(s).

 In order to maintain the program's quality, chaperones should remember that they are there to supervise the children, not to socialize with the other chaperones.  During the evening, please intersperse yourselves amongst the children.  The children and instructor(s) appreciate your cooperation!


Zoo Policies

Please review the following policies with your group before your sleepover.  You are responsible for knowing and following these policies.

·               For the health and safety of the animals, we have a NO FEEDING policy.  Throwing ANYTHING into any exhibit is not tolerated.  The animals are on specialized diets.  Public feeding is hazardous to the animals and could spark aggression.

 ·               Please do not taunt the animals.  Tapping on the glass, clapping, banging on the windows, and/or shouting commands are ALL forms of taunting.  Flashlights should not be aimed in animals’ eyes.

 ·               Running, pushing, shouting and screaming scare the animals and ruin the experience for others. Running or other forms of horseplay is not tolerated in the Zoo.

 ·               Pets are not allowed on Zoo property.  Some diseases are transmitted from the pets to exotic animals.  Guide dogs are an exception; please inform the Zoo prior to your visit.

 ·               Always remain outside safety barriers – animals are dangerous!  Children should not be set on rails or allowed to climb on safety railings or earthworks.

 ·               Please stay on the trails/pathways.  We do not want to trample the Zoo’s vegetation.

 ·               Help keep the Zoo beautiful by placing all trash and/or recyclable items in the proper containers.

 ·               No coolers, food or beverages are allowed to be brought into the Zoo for your Next Day Visit.  These items must remain in your vehicle.

 ·               No drinking of alcoholic beverages is allowed, and smoking is permitted in designated areas only.  We also caution against consumption of alcohol before arriving for the sleepover.

 ·               Electronic devices (i.e. televisions, radios, etc.) are not allowed.          

 Groups that do not follow the above rules will be asked to leave with NO REFUND.