Sign Up for Hanna Park 2014

Annual Pack 416 Family Campout at Hanna Park in Jacksonville, Fl.  Friday, November 14-16.  Click this link for more info

It's a wooded campsite with miles of bike trails right next to the beach.  Biking, nature walks, outdoor programs, campfire programs, beach clean up, swimming, kite don't want to miss this one!  Cost: $35 per family

Below, you can sign your family up for Hanna Park using a credit card, with or without a PayPal account.  

Why do we use online payment?

For the past five years, the Pack has urged parents to sign up and pay on line for various events, using the Pack's Paypal account.  All the parents appear to prefer this method, as it allows you to use credit or debit cards, you don't have to have a Paypal Account or sign up for one, and it is secure.  The Pack committee never sees your personal financial information.  

If you cannot use the online system, we can arrange alternatives, but it is much better for the parent volunteers if these payments can be collected online with our Paypal system.  This saves volunteer time, avoids huge lines at pack meetings, and provides an accurate record of who has paid what.

More information about using online checkout.