Pack 416 is a "pack" of between 70 to 90 boys and their parents. The boys are in K through 5th grade and are arranged by age into "dens" each with 6 to 10 boys. 

All of the Kindergarteners are Lions; 1st graders are Tigers; 2nd graders are Wolves; 3rd graders are Bears; 4th graders are Webelos I Scouts; and 5th graders are Webelos II Scouts. In February of their fifth year, Webelos II Scouts "cross over" into a Boy Scout troop. 

Pack 416 is chartered by Queen of Peace Catholic Community, and gratefully receives much assistance from Lawton Chiles Elementary School. It draws boys from Queen of Peace School, Lawton Chiles Elementary, Gainesville Country Day School, and those living in the neighborhoods around those schools. 


At Sign Up, families learn about the Cub Scout program--parents receive important information about times/locations/costs, while the boys get to experience real scouting activities. Sign Up night is usually followed by a Parent Orientation night (parents only). Here, more detailed information is provided and boys are assigned into dens.

Usually this is decided based on a group of friends wanting to stay together, or by what day and time is best for each family, or simply to make the numbers even out. For example, one year we had the "Sunday Afternoon Tigers" the "Monday Evening Tigers" and the "Wednesday Afternoon Tigers."

Also at Sign Up and Parent Orientation, we reach out to see if we can find parent volunteers. I did not go into Sign Up planning to be a leader, but I realized the opportunity it presented to model leadership for my son, to ensure that my son’s program was high quality, and to be part of a winning team. For information about our where you could help,click here.

Being a Cub Scout leader has been one of the best experiences of my life and has time and again helped me keep close to both of my sons. 

If you did not attend Sign Up and want to join, contact us at


Activities are divided into two types: Den activities and Pack Activities.  

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