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There are two types of activities your son will enjoy in Pack 416.  The first are activities done with the Den, which consists of between 8 and 10 boys who are all in the same grade.  The second are Pack activities such as pack meetings, pack trips, summer activities, etc.

Den Meetings

Dens have den meetings two to four times a month on a day of the week, and at a time and place decided upon by the Den. 

MEETING LOCATIONS: Some dens meet at their homes, others meet at Kanapaha Park, and others meet in rooms that can be reserved at Queen of Peace Catholic Church. It is truly up to your den to decide. 

The Den should decide, prior to or during their first meeting in August or September, all the dates for all den meetings until May, so that people can put the dates on their calendar.  Gainesville has so much to do, we really need to give families the chance to "save the dates."

Den Meeting plans from Boy Scouts of America

The reason that Scouting has been around for over 100 years is that the program of activities is perfectly suited for boys of each age.

Den Leaders receive a packet of Den Meeting Plans from Boy Scouts of America. These are amazing. They give detailed suggestions for every meeting that needs to be done for the scouts to earn their badge. 

For example, check out the Den Meeting Plan for the first Tiger Den available at All Den Meeting Plans for all ranks are available on this page at

Shared leadership is the key to great den

After the den leader reviews the meeting plans, he or she distributes the list of proposed meeting dates and themes to the scout parents. Each scout’s parents must sign up to help the Den Leader plan and lead two of the total of 16 meetings. Some dens have each family pick a month to be co-leaders for both den meetings that month. 

This is the single most important action to having a fantastic den.  Parents that participate become invested in scouting, each other and their sons.

Note: To help new Tiger Cub dens get off to a fast start, the Cubmaster (or another experienced leader) will help the Den Leader plan and run the first meeting.

The Cub Scout Program: Earning the next rank 

For Tiger Cubs, the Den Meeting Plans mentioned above include suggestions for activities for 16 meetings from September to May. 

During the first 2 or 3 meetings, the boys complete all of the achievements to earn their first badge - the Bobcat Badge. This badge is all about scouting basics - the motto, the handshake, the sign, etc. – and the kids really enjoy learning the pack traditions. This badge is typically awarded at the October Bonfire Pack Meeting (the last Thursday in October). 

After that, the boys work toward their Tiger Cub Badge performing a serious of "Adventures" some with the den, and some at home with their family. Den leaders awards instant recognition like the totem beads at the end of den meetings, but the Rank Badge (tiger,wolf, etc.,). 

The activities in the Meeting Plans and the Cub Scout Handbook for each rank are age appropriate and the kinds of things boys enjoy doing. They are also intended to be simple and inexpensive to execute. The program really runs the show, and is why scouting has been around for over 100 years.
Remember the motto: "Keep it simple, make it fun." Also, don’t be daunted because the plans offer a lot of suggested activities for each meeting. You do not do all of them, just pick a few that seem like fun and satisfy the requirements.

Rank requirements

Some are completed with the den:

For every rank, the boys receive a Cub Scout Handbook which contains all the requirements to achieve that rank (plus a whole lot more good info). In the Tiger Cub Handbook, for example, there are 15 requirements divided into 5 categories.

Some den activities are done at a den meeting, while some are "Go See It’s" where the co-leader and den leader arrange for a visit someplace, like a fire station, zoo, farm, courthouse, etc. Ask your Cubmaster or Committee Chair how to arrange such a visit, we have many contacts in the Pack.

As noted above, simply following the Den Meeting Plans will result in the Scouts meeting most of the requirements. 

Some are completed just with the family:

However, there are some "homework" or "family" activities the scouts should complete at home. As the scout and parent complete one of these "family" achievements, the parent (or "Akela," meaning leader for this activity) signs the blank next to the achievement in the handbook. These activities are simple and fun, such as looking at a community map together, or taking turns telling stories at dinner time. 

Ordering Awards

At least two weeks before every pack meeting, the den leader or assistant den leader emails the Quarter master. For new Tiger den leaders, you typically order only two things before February:

•    Two weeks before October Pack Meeting: Number of Bobcat Badges needed
•    Two weeks before February Blue and Gold Banquet: Number of Tiger Badges needed

Giving out the awards at Pack or Den Meetings

At each pack meeting, the den leader receives awards that were ordered from the Quartermaster. The den leader may award the belt loops and pins and any other special badges to his or her den at the Pack Meeting or at a Den Meeting, as appropriate. The cost of these awards and pins, and for the rank badges, are covered by the yearly fee you pay the pack at the end of November.

Preparing skits for pack meetings

The scouts love getting up on stage for pack meetings and performing a short, easy to learn skit. It gets the audience laughing and nurtures the scouts' self-confidence and willingness to stand in front of people and present. 

Don't be daunted if you are not the incarnation of Jerry Seinfeld here. Many sites, like,, and have tons of clean, easy skits.  In fact if you Google "cub scout skits" you will find all the skits you need.

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