Why do we wear a uniform?

The Boy Scouts of America has always been a uniformed body. Its uniforms help to create a sense of belonging. They symbolize character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness. Wearing a uniform gives youth and adult members a sense of identification and commitment. 

Class A Uniform

As worn in the picture on the right by John, who has since become a Boy Scout, the official dark blue cub scout uniform is called the "Class A" uniform.
John wearing Class A

All the pack expects is for boys to get the blue shirt and the four identification patches listed below. You can simply put the shirt with some shorts you have that match; you don't need to go hog wild - but some do, and that's fun too. Your pack fee pays for neckerchiefs and slides for all new scouts, and when scouts advance rank

You can buy the shirt and ID patches at Scrubs by Design in the Oaks Mall Plaza or order online at scoutstuff.org. There is also a great website with a lot of uniform information: bsauniforms.org

For patches, you will need to get
  • the appropriate den patch (my son is in Den 4, for example).
  • the red pack numbers (4 1 6 , seen below)
  • the world scouting emblem (the purple, round patch seen below)
  • the Council Patch (they know what that is at Scrubs).  We are North Florida Council - Jacksonville, #087
World Scouting Emblem

The boys should plan to wear their Class A uniform to the Pack meetings and when doing Go See It's or big trips. Usually scouts wear the Class A's to den meetings, unless you know you will be running around alot or working with messy things.


Note that not all of the patches below will be on every uniform.  The right sleeve is the one with the American Flag pre-sewed on it. Some people put the Tiger Badge at the bottom of the left pocket, in the place where the Webelos Badge eventually will go.

Badge Magic

This stuff really is magic. It is a sheet of peel & stick adhesive that works like this:

  1. you cut the shape of the badge out of the sheet,
  2. peel one side off and stick the badge to the sticky stuff you just exposed
  3. peel the other side and then press that sticky side onto to the uniform
  4. When you have stuck all the badges on your shirt, put the shirt in the drier, and you are done. 

It really is that easy.

It's slogan is "Never sew another badge again!" and they mean it. Scrubs by Design will know what you mean if you ask for a sheet of Badge Magic. It has been tested on all Scout uniform materials and is guaranteed not to fall off in the wash.

Class B Uniform

Jefferson and Sheila wearing the class B at Kennedy Space Center

They can wear the Class B uniform to the 1st pack meeting. It would be great if the den leader has a leader uniform shirt by the 1st den meeting. It helps him serve as a good role model for the boys.  
Adult leader uniforms

Nothing makes kids identify with and get invested in Scouting more than the uniform. All adult leaders are expected to be in uniform for Pack and Den meetings. Click here to learn more about adult uniforms from Scouting.org.