What does it cost?

Pack 416 Costs 

Annual Pack Dues

At Sign Up, new scout families pay membership dues to the North Florida Council and Boy Scouts of America ($10.00) and, optionally, a subscription to Boys Life magazine ($5.00). This is $2/month for dues and $1/month for the Boys Life magazine, covering August through December. All of those fees go straight to supporting scouting at the district, council and national levels. None of these fees go to the Pack.  

The Pack activities, supplies, and scout awards are all covered by pack dues. Our Pack collects Annual Dues at one time, rather than collecting dues every den meeting. Each fall, all scouts (including Tigers and Webelos II) pay their Pack 416 Annual Dues of $59.00 online through this website. In addition, all scouts pay $24.00 for BSA/N. Fla. Council Dues and $12.00 for a 12 month subscription to Boys Life for the upcoming calendar year, due Dec 1. This may be done through an online shopping cart or paypal invoices, at the Treasurer's discretion.

The Annual Dues (and the portion of popcorn sales the Pack earns) covers:

  • Allowing all new pack members to get a free T-shirt (the Class B uniform)
  • Allowing all new lions, tigers, wolves, bears and webelos to receive a neckerchief
  • Allowing all new lions, tigers, wolves, bears and webelos to receive a book for next year
  • All patches except the four starter ID patches discussed on the uniforms page
  • All adventure loops, awards, pins and other awards
  • Materials and supplies for pack and den meetings
  • Pinewood Derby car kit
  • Raingutter Regatta or Space Derby kit 
  • Scouts eat free at the Blue and Gold Banquet
  • Ice cream Social at Graduation

What will my family have to pay that is not covered by the Annual Dues:

UNIFORM: At the beginning of the first year, scout families pay for the boy’s Class A uniform, which can just be the shirt plus the den, council, world scouting, and pack number patches. Click on the uniforms page to learn exactly what this entails.

Note: Some parents simply dress their son in his shirt and a matching pair of shorts and his neckerchief. Others go all out and have official Boy Scout hats, socks, shorts and more. It depends on what the family wants to do. All I can tell you is that kids LOVE the uniform.

CAMPOUT FEES AND SUPPLIES: Cub scout camping is family camping, so families bring their own equipment, food and supplies. Also, the places we camp charge fees, but they are usually pretty reasonable. Last year, for example, Hanna Park cost only $35 per whole family for two nights and three days.

BANQUETS and BARBECUES: The pack families also pay an amount to offset the cost of our end-of-the-year banquet and our pack graduation dinner.

BIG SPRING TRIP: This is an overnight adventure somewhere 2-6 hours from Gainesville. We alternate between big trips (for example, NASA, an aircraft carrier, or major theme park) and smaller trips (for example, a zoo, aquarium, or science center). Families pay their own way (approx. $95 per person).  

Families travel to the site on their own (sometimes carpooling, of course) and pay their own travel costs.

DEN SUPPLIES: Each den will determine how to get supplies for den meetings. Some dens have the parent who is co-leading the meeting with the den leader provide supplies for that meeting. Some dens take a small collection to purchase supplies.

Forecast of Predicted Costs for Each Pack Event

 Activity Date of  Activity
Date Payment Needed
 Cost  Optional?
 Pack Campout
 ~$35 per family
 Possum Creek Campout
 October  Sign up with District
 ~$8 per person
 BSA/NFC Recharter Cost
 $24 per scout
 Pack 416 Annual Dues
 $59 per scout
 Boys' Life Mag. for 12 mos.  
 $12 per year 
 Buc Tuocs Campout
 December or January
 $17 per person
 Blue & Gold Banquet
 February  $8 per adult; $2 per child;  cub scouts are free    
 Big Spring Trip
 varies, $40-95 per personYes
 Graduation dinner
 approx $ 3 per person    

Why do we use online payment?

For the past seven years, the Pack has urged parents to sign up and pay on line for various events, using the Pack's Paypal account. All the parents appear to prefer this method, as it allows you to use credit or debit cards, you don't have to have a Paypal Account or sign up for one, and it is secure. The Pack committee never sees your personal financial information. 

If you cannot use the online system, we can arrange alternatives, but it is much better for the parent volunteers if these payments can be collected online with our Paypal system. This saves volunteer time, avoids huge lines at pack meetings, and provides an accurate record of who has paid what.

More information about using online checkout.

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